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Sight Seeing

Sightseeing tours are conducted to places of interest in Nepal and the Kathmandu valley which consists of three cities:

Kathmandu - the city of Glory,

Patan - the city of fine art and architecture, and

Bhaktapur - the city of devotees; primarily to ancient religious sites of the two main religions: Buddhism and Hinduism.

The three cities of the valley were founded at various times between 3rd Century B.C and the 9th Century AD. They were embellished by the Malla Rulers at the peak of their ascendancy in the 17th century. Core of all three cities are recognized as International Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Rafting and Kayaking

Nepal is one of the best place in the world for rafting and kayaking. Surrounded by its mountain scenery and rivers shaped by them challenges for white-water paddles. A series of the world's most outstanding river journeys is found here, ranging from steep, adrift mountain streams to classic and big-volume wilderness expeditions. All these combination of spectacular rivers, culture, heritage and scenery makes Nepal an obvious river runner's destination.

Jungle Safari

National Parks located specially in the Terai region in Nepal attract visitors fron all over the world. A visit to these poarks involves game-stalking by a variety of means- foot, dugout canoe, jeep, elephant back. One is bound to sight a one hornes rhino or two at every elephant safari besides the rhino,wild boars,samburs, spotted deer,sloth bear,four horned antelope are also uaually seen.A royal Bengal tiger may surprise you by his majestic appearance.

Nature walk or jungle walk is another way of experiencing the wilderness.In fact,jungle walk gives close-up opportunities to view animals as well as observe their tracks,signs,and sounds early morning and late-afternoon walk is the best to avoid mid day heat dugout-canoe trips down the rapti river offer views of water birds:brilliant blue Eurasian kingfishers,egrets,.A pair of binoculars is a must for bird watching.A jeep safari through the jungle provides more game spotting opportunities than might be expected otherwise because it goes deeper into the jungle,usually beyond the beaten track.after the thrill of elephant rides,nature walks and jeep safaris,

The major jungle Safari Destinations :

1. Chitwan National Park
2. Shahi Bardiya National Park

Mountain Flight

To have spectacular views of world's highest peak-Everest 8848 meters including central and Eastern Himalayan Ranges. This trip is highly recommended for those who doesn't have time for trekking. For over viewing Kathmandu Valley and Himalayan Ranges from balloning.

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